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<i>Teutonic Mythology: Volume One</i> is a landmark work on Germanic mythology. Originally written by Jacob Grimm, this is the first in a four volume series. This version is James Steven Stallybrass' English translation. .<br><br><i>Teutonic Mythology</i> reads primarily as an encyclopaedia. The author has divided the book into chapters which focus on a single topic or theme, for example "God", "Priests", "Other Gods" and many more. Within these chapters, Grimm examines and explains a wide range of sources that vary in both geographic origin and time period. The author has devoted a massive section of <i>Volume One</i> to a survey of the many ancient Germanic Gods and Goddesses. While these Gods were surely the principal actors in many fantastic stories, the focus of this book is not on these tales, but rather on the hunt for clues and sources in order to construct a more complete picture of Germanic mythology.<br><br>While the subject matter may seem to lend itself to excitement, the treatment of this material is decidedly academic. This is a book about the construction of a Germanic mythology using what is known about Norse, Saxon, and the mythologies of other nearby peoples. Students and scholars of Germanic or Folklore studies will likely find this work to be invaluable.<br><br>For the tremendous contribution <i>Teutonic Mythology: Volume One</i> makes to the understanding of Germanic mythology, this volume is highly recommended. It is thus at the discretion of the reader to determine whether Grimm's highly academic take will appeal to their literary preferences.
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