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A New Way of Housekeeping


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EDITORE Forgotten Books
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Heralding the great social changes that came about after the First World War <i>A New Way of Housekeeping</i> represents a fascinating first hand account of history. Shedding light from personal experience onto the issues that were currently or about to affect women everywhere in her society the author gives advices that tells us much about the challenges they faced.<br><br>Originally published in 1918, <i>A New Way of Housekeeping</i> came at a time when traditional housekeeping in the Western world had recently seen its most dramatic changes, possibly ever. Written by Clementina Black and now republished by Forgotten Books, this title presents readers with a new way forward for homemaking following the conclusion of the Great War.<br><br>The rush of women into the labour force during World War One forever changed housekeeping. Clementina Black was aware of this fact even as history was unfolding, and thus wrote this book with an eye toward a future in which more and more women would be spending their days outside of the home. With equal parts argumentation and fact, Black explores the topic of housekeeping, its past, present, and future, and outlines her concepts for a new way of homemaking. Throughout thirteen chapters, Black argues for the establishment of domestic federations, essentially neighbourhood organizations, which would be tasked with overseeing housekeeping for all members of the federation. The book concludes with a chapter detailing how Black believes this system would not only be beneficial for the individual, but for the entire nation.<br><br>Black's book provides the reader with a valuable glimpse into the history not only of housekeeping but of women. While the author rightfully seized on the moment as a turning point in the very nature of housekeeping, her system of domestic federations is a concept that never gained much traction. Despite this, Black's arguments are effective and many are still relevant to the modern reader.<br><br>Clementina Black's <i>A New Way of Housekeeping</i> is a fascinating read nearly one hundred years after its original publication. The author was both prescient and completely misguided in her predictions. For students of social history, <i>A New Way of Housekeeping</i> provides valuable insight into the changing roles of women in the period following the Great War.
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