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Reliable Poultry Remedies


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EDITORE Forgotten Books
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This little book was first published more especially for the benefit of the friends and patrons of the Reliable Poultry Journal. It was not put forth as a money-making scheme, except as a timesaver. We were led to publish it on account of the hundreds of letters received each year from readers of the Journal, asking for advice and help in the care and treatment of their poultry, both in health and sickness, and owing to our inability to give them in the short space of a "reply by mail" the help they needed. It is hoped this book will be of real service to them. With this editions the size of the pages has been materially increased, still they are but half as large as the regular size of the other books issued by this company, because of the greater convenience in handling this sized book in the chicken yard.<br><br>A number of remedies given for the same disease need not confuse anyone. A physician knows of several remedies, one of which may be better than the others, but in its absence he uses another with more or less success. So in doctoring sick chicks and fowls, use whichever remedy is at hand. Time is often an important factor in a cure.<br><br>We expect to continue to revise and re-issue Reliable Poultry Remedies from time to time, with a view to improving it, and we ask the co-operation of interested persons. Reports, therefore, of your success in applying the remedies given in this edition, also new remedies that you have tried and found to be good, will be much appreciated.<br><br>In the back pages of this book will be found a description of the other books published by this company and of the American Standard of Perfection. We present this list of books with pleasure and confidence - pleasure that we can serve our friends and patrons, confidence that in these books we have given to the public the best thoughts and experience of the leading authorities on the different subjects. To the beginner the books treating of the subjects most interesting to him, will be almost invaluable, while even the veteran in the poultry business will find much to interest him and we doubt not, some new knowledge.
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