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When the necessity for a comprehensive book of this kind was realized by the writer, it was his first intention to offer a treatise on the planning of school buildings, written wholly from the architect's point of view. After a few months of effort it dawned upon him that in order to make the most thorough use of such information, it would be more valuable to both architect and schoolman if the organization of American schools were first discussed and emphasized as a basis for the discussion of the architectural features. Thus the application of modern school archi~ tecture to modern school development could be concisely and logically shown. This plan has been followed. Ih formation on the organization of schools was very much needed by the writer when he first turned his attention to the architecture of school buildings, and, no doubt, such a need 18 felt by many others who are now approaching the subject. It must be realized that the old school, even that of five years ago, has passed just as surely as the little red school house that once stood on the hill. In its place has already appeared the new, throbbing, spirited institution, receiving its impulse from the heart of industry, commerce, and society, which, in turn, are looking to the school for practical aid in the solving of their accumulating problems of trade, employment, and American citizenship. But this new school cannot stand alone; it must rest on the foundations and traditions of its predecessor, just as the nation de pends ou the securely anchored constitutional footing given to it by its founders. It is this transition which the schoolman and the architect, working together and in sympathy, must bring about with saneness and economy. The organization of the school, through the extension of its branches, has become very complex to many who are out of touch with It to those intimately associated with it, it is seen as a clearly unified development. The writer understood, that, if the organization was to be properly presented, it should be described by those who know it best. Therefore, the collaborators were selected with much care, and their contributions are a very-important part of the book. A deep debt of gratitude is felt for all the assistance these associates have given; they have entered into the work with a zeal and interest that has surpassed all anticipation. The conferences and discussions have been a great pleasure and an education in themselves.
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