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A Roll of the Graduates of the University of Glasgow, From 31st December, 1727 to 31st December, 1897


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To remedy this state of matters, the compiler commenced a series of Indices to the various Registers, but, after proceeding some considerable way, it occurred to him that the materials which he had collected were worthy 01 better utilization, and that a General Alphabetical Roll of all the Graduates showing at a glance the several degrees (if more than one) held by each person — would be more serviceable and satisfactory. This scheme was duly carried out, when a further development suggested itself, namely, that short biographical notes should, where possible, be appended. When that had been accomplished in regard to the large majority of the names, there still remained some the particulars of whose after life could not be ascertained. In reference to these an attempt was made to discover at least their parentage or birthplace. The Matriculation Entries, as throwing light on such points, have, therefore, in many instances been quoted, and in others the nationalities, as appearing in the Graduation Albums, are subjoined. The remaining names (pleasingly few in number) represent graduates whose identity has baffled inquiry. Curiously enough, no separate Registers of Honorary Degrees were kept till the foundation of the New University Buildings in 1868. It thus became necessary to examine all the Minutes of Faculty, Senate, etc., from 1727 downwards, and to make up therefrom the requisite Lists. This inspection of the records afforded an opportunity of noting a few quaint cases of discipline, etc., of checking and verifying the contents of the other Graduation Registers, and, in some early years, of adding names — many of them highly important — which had not been recorded in the ordinary books. The process of compilation has necessarily been attended with somewhat formidable difficulties. The three chief obstacles were (1) identification or differentiation in cases where two or more degrees m.a. And MD.) were granted to persons of the same name at different times; (2) the ascertainment of full Christian and middle names — a point which had been rather overlooked in the records and (3) the collection of biographical matter.
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