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Biblical Things Not Generally Known


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Books of travel in other Eastern countries have yielded many paragraphs giving accounts of manners and customs, animals and plants, similar to those mentioned in Scripture; and also especially interesting sections giving details of curious religious rites and festivals in heathen lands.<br><br>The reader may gain be reminded that no options are expressed in this work; it profess to be a collection of facts(or representations of what appear to be facts) that must be regarded as more or less trustworthy. Where the detail is one of mere observation the facts stated may be accepted, and the authority is not given. In cases that seemed to be doubtful, or conflicting with the statements of others, or apparently extraordinary and exaggerated, the name of the authority has usually been indicated.<br><br>The interests of the Bible Student, the Sunday-School Teacher, and the Preacher have been steadily kept in view, and careful and complete indices will be found at the end of the present volume which embrace the subjects treated of in both the first and second series of the work, putting the contents of the entire work at their easy command. But while in the most useful and suggestive way Side-helps are thus given towards the understanding and the teaching of the Sacred Word, it should not be forgotten that they are only Side-helps, and that the Book of gracious Divine revelations contains deep spiritual mysteries which no mere customs or analogies can interpret or explain, and which can only be "spiritually discerned."
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