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Edward Banges the Pilgrim


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Through succeeding generations other records appear which make quite a con sistent connection of the name and family, to one John Banges who died in Hempstead, County of Essex, England, in 1631 or 1632. The record of his will, a copy of which is attached, furnishes very good evidence that John Banges of Hempstead was the father of Edward Banges, the subject of this sketch. The chief points in this evidence are: lst, a consistent date; 2d, the identical spelling of the name Banges; 3d, the fact that John had a son Edward and a son Joshua; 4th, that our ancestor Edward named his first son John, a later son Jonathan and another son Joshua. These chief points are supported by other corroborative evidence. Much praise is due the Committee on Genealogical Research, and its chairman G. E. Bangs, of Chicago, for the very able manner in which this re search has been conducted and to the liberality of those members of our Society who have contributed to its cost. While Dean Dudley in his History and Genealogy of the Bangs family published in 1896, (and of which the greater part of the edition was de stroyed by fire) is very vague as to the ancestry and origin of Edward Banges he makes it very clear that he was the first of the name to come to this country and was, thus, the founder of the American branch of the Bangs family.
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