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Chapters on the Book of Mulling


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The latest event in its history is the satisfactory settlement Of a controversy which had been for some time pending between the representatives of its former owners and the authorities of Trinity College. The point in dispute was whether, when towards the close of the last century it was deposited in the College, it was placed there merely for safe keeping during the troublous times preceding the Union, or was conveyed to the University of Dublin as a gift by the then head of the family of Kavanagh. In accordance with the agreement finally reached, the manuscript has been definitely acknow ledged to be the property of the College, while its ancient shrine has been restored to Walter Kavanagh, Esq., D.L., and now once more rests in Borris House. It remains to pen a few words about the purpose and aim of the present essay. Let it be at once said that the design of the writer is not to give an exhaustive account of the book. He is quite conscious that many things have been left unsaid upon which students might desire to have information. He is conscious also that the subjects upon which, in the pages now Offered to the public, he has touched have been but imperfectly treated. But his aim throughout has been rather to stimulate the interest of others far more competent than himself for such investigations, than to give a complete account of the manuscript. He has, therefore, contented himself with selecting one or two features of the book which had been scarcely noticed by previous writers, and discussing them as best he could. Much remains for other better equipped workers in the same field.
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