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David: Shepherd, Psalmist, King


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EDITORE Forgotten Books
EAN 9780243836772
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The name "David" is so popular in modern society and culture that virtually everyone knows someone christened with this appellation. But not all given this name remain unforgotten for thousands of years, unlike the main subject of <i>David: Shepherd, Psalmist, King</i>. <br><br>Famously regarded in the Bible as "a man after his [God's] own heart" and a direct antecendant of the Messiah, the second king of Israel is a person of many talents and skills. He is also credited as the author of most of the hymns, songs, and praises contained in the Book of Psalms. As such, he is one of the most important and dominant characters in the Holy Scriptures, which is why he is a subject worth writing about. And this is exactly what Rev. F. B. Meyer did. <br><br>This book, published in 1910, is the author's way of putting a magnifying glass on David's life and examining his journey from a lowly shepherd to a legendary and great King. Aside from a more elaborate narrative of events that already have been revealed in the Bible and in other related literature, Rev. Meyer provided his own commentaries and explanations on various points along the story of the Israeli King. He also added Biblical verses referring to the subject, as well as quotes and literary excerpts from various sources that refer to David.<br><br>Those who are engaged in Bible studies, as well as those interested in enriching their spiritual lives, will benefit from this inspired work. Those who wish to learn more about the most famous and revered David of them all will find this volume fitting and interesting reading.
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