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Algebra for Beginners


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Isaac Todhunter's <i>Algebra for Beginners: With Numerous Examples</i> is a mathematics textbook intended for the neophyte, an excellent addition to the library of math instructionals for beginners.<br><br>Todhunter's textbook has been divided into 44 chapters. Early chapters highlight the most basic principles of mathematics, including sections on the principal signs, brackets, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other topics that form the foundation of algebra. Simple equations make up the large majority of the material covered in this textbook. Later chapters do introduce quadratics, as well as other more advanced subjects such as arithmetical progression and scales of notation. It is important to note that Todhunter sticks very much to the basics of algebra. The content of this book lives up to its title, as this is very much mathematics for beginners.<br><br>The content is provided in an easy to follow manner. This book could thus be used for independent learning as well as by a teacher. A great deal of focus has clearly been given to providing examples. Each concept is accompanied by numerous sample questions, with answers provided in the final chapter of the book. The example questions are every bit as important as the explanations, as one cannot begin to grasp mathematical concepts without having the opportunity to put them into practice.<br><br>The basics of algebra are explained in an easy to follow manner, and the examples provided are clear and help to expand the knowledge of the learner. If given a chance, Isaac Todhunter's <i>Algebra for Beginners: With Numerous Examples</i> can be a valuable addition to your library of mathematics textbooks.
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