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The Story of My Life


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EDITORE Forgotten Books
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CATEGORIA Letteratura per ragazzi
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After earnest soliciation I have prevailed on my father to write out some of the events of his romantic and eventful career. One main ommission I see in his sketch is that he has nowhere mentioned the many deeds of loving kindness he has shown to the needy and numerous gifts to the church and to every deserving person or object that came to his notice, and they have been many. In his humility he follows the injunction "Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth". In the pioneer days of Marion county he acted as physician, dentist, arbitrator of disputes, and business and spiritual adviser. His time, patience, and power have seemed to be unlimited. A keen sense of humor and ability to tell and enjoy a joke have made him friends and made his companionship delightful.<br><br>His immense energy and dynamic force have manifested themselves, not only in a material way, but more than all in a religious devotion and application of the teachings of the Bible. He read to and with his children and encouraged us to memorize verses and chapters from the sacred volume. He taught us to sing. How well I remember the family group sitting by the fire. My father in the center leading and beating time to the music, every child imitating in tone and gesture. My mother, even then, was generally busy and would sing her songs while cooking, washing, ironing or mending. I have never heard sweeter music than her low tones on "Come, come, come, to the Savior," O love divine how sweet thou art," and other old songs of Zion. Our attendance at religious service was just as regular as the Lord's Day came with every extra opportunity the time and locality afforded. After all these years and as they grew old their lives prove that "The path of the just is as the shining light that shineth more and more into the perfect day."
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