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An Introduction to Comparative Philology for Classical Students


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EDITORE Forgotten Books
EAN 9780259635024
CATEGORIA Comunicazione, scrittura e stile
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In preparing pupils for Classical Scholarships I had long felt the want of a book on Comparative Philology adapted to their attainments, and now in compiling this little Introduction I have tried to supply it. In aiming at simplicity I have felt bound sometimes to sacrifice completeness and omit details; but I hope that what I have said will be found correct as far as it goes. The theory of the Long Sonants I have left alone. I have given more space to the Consonants than to the Vowels. English, especially the History of English, I have treated with some neglect. When it is remembered that the ordinary Sixth-Form boy knows little of Phonetics and nothing of Old English, the reason of these and other inconsistencies will, I hope, be clear. In smaller matters, such as the division of words by hyphens and the marking of quantities, I have sacrificed consistency to clearness. In the case of forms only presumed to have existed, I have omitted to denote this by an asterisk, and have preferred, for instance, fiifinfiev to m6mnmen as the supposed original of fieMafiev. Confusion with English spelling I have tried to avoid by enclosing phonetic spelling, where necessary, in round brackets, and by various expedients such as printing, jp for the usual th, ph, and using wand yfor y, and i.
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