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An Account of the Operations of the Fifth Army Corps


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The confidence shown by the Commander-in-Chief in selecting me for the command of the Department of Mississippi, then the theater of actual warfare, immediately after the battle of Five Forks. I deemed a thorough vindication of my conduct on that memorable occasion.<br><br>I felt, though denied the official investigation which I had applied for, that I could leave my justification before the public to the ultimate publication of the official reports. I trusted, too, that Gen. Sheridan's report would do me justice, and that he could not fail in it to acknowledge that his treatment of me was hasty and based on erroneous impressions. The publication of this report, dated May 16, in the Official Gazette, disappointed this hope, for therein, as far as mention is made of me, it is in terms of disparagement and in efforts to justify his inconsiderate action.<br><br>After this publication I thought the investigation I sought could not long be denied, and I have remained silent till now, fully believing an impartial investigation would relieve me of the imputations of Gen. Sheridan, and place just censure on those by whom I have been wronged.<br><br>To bring my professional grievances before the public is a thing from which I have shrunk, and I do not do so now from any love of controversy. If circumstances were different I should be glad to avoid it; but the facts being little known and understood, and there being many misrepresentations, I am under this necessity. I have, therefore, prepared the following narrative of facts in much detail, so that each one can examine and judge for himself, as, I presume, all fair-minded men, whose time will permit, will gladly do.
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