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The History of Rockland County


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The Militia Force of our County at the outbreak of the War. Organization of Troops. Insubordination among them. Building Fort Clinton. The Water Front Visited by a Hostile Fleet. Retreat of the Continental Army through the County. The Forays of the Enemy in our County, and the patriotic struggles to defend it. Washington encamps at Ramapo. From thence marches toward Philadelphia. The Battle of Fort Clinton, The construction of the West Point Chain. Massacre at Old Tappan. Capture of Stony Point by the British. Its re-capture by General Wa)me. The Continental Army Encamps at Tappan. The treason of Arnold. Trial and Execution of Andre. March of the Continental Army through the County to beseige Yorktown.<br><br>The War Of The Revolution.<br><br>Events at Tappan and Snedens Landing, Conflicts between the British and Shore Guard at Piermont and Haverstraw. Naval fight in Tappan Zee. Conflicts at Nyack. The depredations committed by Cow-boys in the County. Forays at Slaughters Landing. Joshua Hett Smith. Invasions of the Southern part of our County by the Enemy. Acts of individual bravery and suffering. Account ot Claudius Smith. Confiscation of property at the close of the War, Roll of the names of men who served in the armies of the Revolution,<br><br>Dreadful financial condition of the County at the close of the Revolution. Energy of the people to re-establish business. The first houses of the settlers. Later architecture. Domestic life among the Dutch: Their occupation and manner of work. The modes of travel in early days. The style of dress. Amusements. Causes of veneration for the clergy. Church attendance. Funerals. Forms of old wills.<br><br>The causes which led to the creation of a Federation, Their slight influence on this section. The feeling among the people regarding it and the reason for that feeling. The vote of the delegates at the Convention. Reasons why Rockland County wiis erected. Its boundaries. Its townships. Its first officers.<br><br>Early Industries Of Rockland County.<br>I The Hassenclever Iron Mine and Rockland Nickel Company Mine. Conglomerate sandstone and freestone quarries. Daters Works. Works at Sloatsburgh. Ramapo Works. Brick Manufacture. Knickerbocker Ice Company.<br><br>The early militia of Rockland County. War of 1812. The militia of the County called upon for service. The companies of Captains Blauvelt and Snedeker leave for Harlem. The Light Horse ordered to report for duty. Organization of a batallion of artillery. Desertions. Organization of the National Guard. Muster roll of the militia of 1812.
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