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Registers of the French Church of Portarlington, Ireland - Librerie.coop

Registers of the French Church of Portarlington, Ireland


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It only remains to say a few words about the registers themselves. These consist of two volumes. The first, measuring 12% inches by 8, contains 218 pages Of entries, running from 3rd June, 1694, to 8th October, 1728. A few later entries have been struck out and rs-entered in Volume 11. Volume I. Has been rebound, but the old brown paper cover is preserved. The margins have also been repaired with brown paper, which in many cases covers up the marginal entries of the names Of the persons baptised, married, or buried. These names have been rewritten on the new brown paper margin, but the new entries are not always the same as the old, nor are the Old marginal entries contemporary with the original entries in the body Of the register. Where the looseness of the brown paper allowed the Older margin to be examined the transcript has been made from it. Elsewhere the more modern entries have Of necessity been followed. The marginal names appear in Clarendon type in the present volume. Occasional attempts, not always happy, appear to have been made to restore the writing in the earlier portion of the register where it has become faint through age. The second volume, measuring 12 inches by 7 consists of about 250 pages, Of which the first 125 contain the continuation of the French register from 14th August, 1729, to 20th September, 1816. From that date the register ceases to be kept in French, and, as this date may be said to mark the close Of the Huguenot worship at Portarlington, it has not been considered necessary to continue the publication of the registers any further. My sincere thanks are due to the Rector of Portarlington, the Rev. John F. Cole, who has allowed the registers to be published and has kindly permitted them to remain in the Public Record Office, Dublin, during the time Occupied by their transcription and the correction of the proofs; and I have also to express my Obligations to Mr. T. E. Harvey, of the Public Record Office, who has transcribed the registers.
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