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Nazarenus, or Jewish, Gentile, and Mahometan Christianity


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Ind. V. 24.works a man is juf'tify'd, and not by Faith onely. True of the 7ews, and had L U '1' H E R under/load this diftinition, he wou'd never have re jeiled (which he once did) the Epifile of james as firamineous and contrary to the doftrine of paul: which fiands upon the fame foot with that of james, as in our fir]? Difl'ertation one running may read. Johni. 17.the l/iw was given by moses, hut gr/ice and truth came hy jesus, who has confirni'd that Law. I hope no fmall advantage will accrue to Chri flianity from the fy/lem advanc'd in the faid loth and 17th chapters of this Differtation 3 in which, as well as hy the summary or christianity contain'd in the fecond Differtation, tho not onely the reality, hut (as I am to hope) the my Religion appears yet are not for every hody's tafie or capacity, however grateful to the curious, and necwry for the proof of things 3 I jhali here. After (god willing) give a more difiinit account of my Religion, fiript of all literature, and laid down in naked theorems, without notes of any kind. I promi/h you (sir) hefhre-hand, that it will not he a mechanical and artificial Religion, confifling more in a flupid refloec't for receiv'd forms, and a lifelefs round of performances hy rote, than in a reafonahle war/hip or unafiefied piety. There will he more oh jeits of praitice than of helief in it 3 and nothing pra itis'd hut what makes a'man the hetter, n heliev'd hut knowledge yet nothing that does not concern people to know, or that'they cannot poflihly know at all. It' will contain nothing fahulous or myflerious, nothing hypocritical or aufiere3 nothing to divert people from' their imployments, or tending to hoget idlenefi and licentioufnefl nothing, in fhort, that contrihutes ta enflave their minds or rpo/és o Princes Zankind. Fthis you'
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