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The Improvement of the Mind


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His advantage ofiright reasoning. Review the instan~ ces »of-you'r own misconduct in life? Think seriously: with yourselves how marry follies and-sorrows you had escaped, and ho'w-much guilt and misery you had. Me vented, if from your early years; you had but taken to Judge aright Concerning persons, times,. T his will awaken you with lively vigour yourselves to the work of improving your reasoning powers, and seizing every opportunity and advantage for that end. Rule II. Consider the weakness, frailties, and mistakes of human nature in general, which arise from the very Constitution of a soul united to an animal body; and subjected to many inconveniencies thereby. Con sidertthe many additional weaknesses, mistakes,' and frailties,wl.ich are derived from our original apostasy and fall from a state of innocence; how much our pmverspf understanding are yet more darkened, enfeebled, and imposed upon 'by one senses; our fancies, and our uhf ruly passions, 8m. Consider, the depth and difliculty of many' truths, and the flattering appearances of falsehood, whence arises an infinite variety of dangers to: which we are exposed in our judgment of things. Read with greediness those authors that treat of the doctrine of prejudices, prepossessions, and springs of er'ror, on purpose to make your soul watchful on sides, that it suffer itself, as far as possible, to be imposed upon by none of them. See more on this sub ject, Logic, Part II. Chap. 3, and Part iii._chap. 3. Rule III. A slight View of things so momentous is not sufficient. You should therefore contrive and prae tise some proper methods to acquaint yourself with your own ignorance; and to impress your mind with a deep and painful sense of the low and (imperfect degrees of your present knowledge, that you may. Be incited with labour' and activity to pursue after, greater meas ures. Among others, you may find some such methods as these successful. 1. Take a wide survey now and then, of the vast and unlimited regions of learning. Let your meditations irun over the names of all the sciences, with their nu merousbramchings, and innumerable particular themes 'oi' knovvledge j.) and thenvreflect how few of them you are with in any tolerable degree. The.
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