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The Lucky Crab


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€ 7,99
EDITORE CLM Publishing
EAN 9780997710403
CATEGORIA Pedagogia e discipline educative
Scienze sociali
Critica e storia della letteratura
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This is the story of a very frolicsome and quite determined, yet inquisitive little crab, who tries, every waking minute, to expand his horizons by stretching the boundaries of his parents’ instructions. His specialty; exploring off-limit glades, the wild ocean, and rough areas; places his parents told him primarily to steer clear of. He enjoys the excitement he has with his friends, but most of all, he enjoys his freedom. It was a happy life!

Everything was going well, until one very eventful crab-hunting-season day, he went on the wrong path; too far to get anything right.

On this particular day, some crab-hunters entered the glade and captured some of the little crab’s friends; he was lucky, or so he thought. In a haste to escape boiling pots of water, generally at a hunter’s house, and to keep the secret from his parents that he had left the safety of the home, he desperately made his escape through the rugged terrain. He jumped over a fence and into a body of icy cold water, to swim his way home; all with a broken claw. And this is how the story begins.
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