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The Re-Beginning


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EDITORE Babelcube Inc.
EAN 9781071553954
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 book that will show the way back to living intensely, without fear, sadness or pain. Life continues and you can´t remain still with no response to this precious gift that the Lord bequeathed you. A life is worth more than the whole world, you are too precious to give up on living.
When you can not find any more strength to continue your life, know that there is hope, on reading this book, you can take this gift for yourself,which will put a direction in your daily path. If you have lost all hope,stop. Read this work that will guide you to having spiritual growth and it will show you that life is worthwhile.  How can we overcome the fears, pains and anxieties which the problems of the world proportion to us? If you are in a great dilemma and you do not know what to do, this book will give you a step by step procedure to leave this abyss of disillusion.
Your life will be transformed, believe in this, all is possible in that which brings you strength, life continues and you will have to pull out the roots that secure you in the evils that surround you. Don´t you want to live? know that your life is precious and will not be annihilated so easily, there is Someone who loves you a lot and he does not want you to suffer anymore. He screams your name every day but you do not hear him. Read this work that I have written with the intuition of helping you overcome the problems that involve you in your daily life.
Do not let the problems become bigger than you, if you do not know how to re-start your life, here I will teach you what you should do.
May God bless you greatly and pray to God to leave this dark phase of your life and turn over a new page to succeed in having more love and peace in your life. God bless you.
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