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Resigning During The Pandemic


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EDITORE Aaron Albalad
EAN 9781071576007
CATEGORIA Economia, finanza e marketing
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The end of October 2020 is the date when I start writing this book. Throughout the world we are in a difficult and unstable situation caused by an unprecedented health crisis that has forced states to impose measures such as lockdowns or curfews in an attempt to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This health crisis, and more specifically, the measures put in place as a result, have in turn led to an economic and social crisis whose effects we are beginning to see with people who have lost their jobs or businesses that have been forced to close…
Many will think that this book is nonsense because with all that is going wrong at the moment we don't need someone to tell us how they have taken advantage of this crisis to discover what they want after seeing what they don't want.
The pages you will read below are simply a lesson I have learned from living this crisis and may serve as an inspiration for you to re-evaluate your qualities and face the next years of both your professional and personal life with something good from all the past experience.
Without a doubt I feel lucky to be able to tell you about my experience and to have been able to make the decisions I have made. But what I am most grateful for is having lived what I have lived to learn what I will try to convey in the following pages.
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