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1 Tale, 2 Tales, 3...


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EDITORE Babelcube Inc.
EAN 9781071587744
CATEGORIA Letteratura
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Tales for all ages, everything that society needs discussing.
"Do you know what you are doing?", I heard Amanda ask, but I was too focused on the pain I felt to be able to answer. Nobody told me be it hurts this much. Never read anything about this, but I watched movies e saw people scream in situations like that, but still, how could it hurt so bad?
My God, I'm still a kid! A child having another child. I didn't want to be a sixteen-year-old mother!
We all hear stories of how good it is to have a son and how much pregnancy is a blessing, but this one... I was nauseous the entire term. When I ate, I shook and puked. I got fat. I stopped studying for this, lost friends, lost a year in school, lost my life, lost my family. Lost everything.
When Amanda got wind, she was upset, because she believes that we should save yourself to that special person we will one day find. But I'm not like that. I'm not strong enough to fight against everyone and Alex had already given me an ultimatum, said he wouldn't wait another year. I was afraid of what my friend would say, but after a moment of desperation, she simply hugged me and let me cry on her shoulder.
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