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The Anxiety Switch


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€ 8,49
EDITORE Martin Moller
EAN 9781089419631
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Letteratura per ragazzi
Self-help, salute e benessere
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Want some help turning your anxiety around?

If you have tried everything and haven’t been able to completely get the freedom that you want...

Or if you’d like to change your life once and for all then I’d like to help out.

Pick up this book "The Anxiety Switch” and you'll find that this powerful book gets you:

=> A crystal clear vision for the kind of life you’d like to have without anxiety holding you back.

=> Uncovers hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to get the change that you deserve.

=> And then finds every way that your anxiety might be holding you back.

A source so powerful that you'll be renewed, re-energized and inspired to break the shackles of anxiety, transforming your life and giving you all the happiness, health, success, and fun you’ve always wanted once and for all.

PLUS: Learn how to get Incredible Strength, Perfect Focus and Unlimited Creativity

AND: Get An Incredible Box Of Over 63 Tools To Help You Overcome Those Moments Of Weakness That You Feel When You Fall and Stumble Or Have A Panic Or Anxiety Attack

Your questions will be answered: 

Where does anxiety come from?
Where is anxiety felt?
Why do I experience anxiety?
What does anxiety feel like?
What does anxiety look like?
What anxiety does to your brain?
What is the link between anxiety and depression?
What to do/what do I do when anxiety strikes?
Are anxiety attacks normal?
How does anxiety affect you?
How do you relieve and release anxiety fast?
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