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Naked Plain Jane


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€ 4,99
EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9781301235926
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
Dispositivi supportati


DESCRIPTION Desperate to pay for college, this brother and sister take the only job they can get – having sex for show! When their parents find out however, their taboo business thrives. With their father’s expert experience, their mother’s naughty handling customers, and no shortage of horny clients, there are no limits. Just what depravity will ensue at their next training exercise turned nude sex party? EXCERPT One day, Teresa and I get called to Allison’s house. We go fully dressed. Allison lectures us, “The company has a potential big problem, but with a large profit potential. One of our partners is a man with an 18-year-old daughter. Apparently, the man has been screwing his own daughter. The girl is suicidal and she ran to one of our people for help. The girl actually owns the partner company, but she’s a minor. If you can get the situation solved, we make big bucks. The father is incompetent, but we need to get the girl on our side, so that we can take over the partner company. Wayne sneers, “Actually, the problem is one for Teresa, I don’t know why Ted is here.” I lecture, “I’m here because I’m a businessman. The problem involves business. You need me here.” Allison says, “Well, the main problem is that we need to convince the girl to let us run the company.” Teresa takes a deep breath and says, “Maybe we ought to start with the girl’s problem.” Allison lectures, “Whatever we do, we need to do it fast. The man is looting the company.” I ask, “Is the girl here?” Allison says, “Yes, she and her father are in a guest house here. Let me show you what’s happening.” Allison plays with a computer setup and a video appears on a screen. A very large man apparently threatens a young, nude girl, with his hand upraised. The girl climbs on a bed and the man follows her, mounts her and begins to fuck her. There seems to be no shared joy, just the large man shoving his cock into the pussy of a young girl. The young girl just pretty much lies there and takes it. The man drives his cock into the pussy of the young girl for quite a while and then he appears to come. His buttocks tighten and he apparently pumps his cum into the girl’s pussy. He then rolls off the girl, gets up and snaps what appears to be a threat or insult at the girl. The girl just lies on the bed, crying, with a cream pie showing in her pussy. Allison cuts off the video and lectures, “The large man is the girl’s father. The girl is terrified of him and I don’t blame her. Actually, I’m terrified of the man; you have to see how large he actually is.” I laugh, “One of the things that separate man from the lower animals is man’s better use of multiple tools. I have the tool that will take care of the immediate threat of the man. You then have legal tools that will take care of the rest of the man’s problem. In the meantime, Teresa can take care of the girl’s problem.” Wayne snaps, “Just what is this magic tool that you propose using?” “An Irish shillelagh, have you ever seen one used?” Allison says, “Hoo boy, you play for keeps.” “Why officer, the man attacked me, for no reason. I just defended myself.” Allison muses, “Watch this next video.” Allison again fusses with a computer setup and a second video appears on a screen.
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