Romantic Suspense Boxed Set (Love Addiction Boyfriend Romantic Suspense Dream Magic Witches Paranormal One Night Stand Stalker P -

Romantic Suspense Boxed Set (Love Addiction Boyfriend Romantic Suspense Dream Magic Witches Paranormal One Night Stand Stalker P


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€ 2,99
EDITORE MidCastle Publishing
EAN 9781311616111
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
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Romantic Suspense Boxed Set (Love Addiction Boyfriend Romantic Suspense Dream Magic Witches Paranormal One Night Stand Stalker Police Surprise Cuckold Cheating Wife Bbw Fat Office) 1. In Love With My Boyfriend (Boyfriend Romance) When Nancy visits her boyfriend Dan in his Manhattan apartment, she has just one thing on her mind. She wants to sleep with him! Dan gives her exactly what she wants. 2. A Very Romantic Dream (Romantic Suspense Dream Romance) When Carol drifts into a deep sleep after a lovely evening, she has a very romantic dream in which she gets the best night of her life. It is a dream that she hopes will last forever. 3. The Magic Potion (Magic Witches and Paranormal Romance) When Pam falls madly in love with her co-worker Tim, she is very disappointed when her love for him is not reciprocated. However, she has a glimmer of hope when another co-worker, Daniela, comes up with a peculiar solution to her predicament. Daniela suggests that Pam visits Mother Debra, a witch who practices white magic. Daniela is sure that Mother Debra can give Pam a love potion that would make Tim fall head over heels in love with her. 4. Stalked After a One Night Stand (One Night Stand Stalker Romance) Rick and Tina have been flirting and making suggestive remarks to each other at the office for months. They have let the tension between them build up gradually over several months. During a Christmas party at the office, Rick invites Tina into his office, where they finally get totally intimate with each other. While Rick considers what they had as a one-night stand, Tina on the other hand, is of a completely different opinion. 5. I Love Men in Uniform (Police Romance Suspense) Anita loves men in uniform. She has dated police officers, firemen, and men in the army. One day, she is busy having solo fun in her car in the middle of a highway when a police officer knocks on the window of her car. Although she knows that she is in trouble, she can’t help but notice how handsome the police officer is. The police officer is about to write a ticket when Anita suggests that they have an intimate encounter instead. 6. The Man of My Dreams (Romantic Suspense) Mathew and Stacey are having dinner in the home they share when Stacey becomes quite excited. She needs a man. She wants Mathew’s in her bed. 7. A Very Strange Request (Surprise Romance) Donald is in love with Kerry and wants her to become his lover. After spending a very long time wooing her, Donald feels that he is finally going to get the woman in his dreams. While they are sitting in a restaurant having dinner, he is pretty confident that Kerry will sleep with him for the first time that night. 8. The Love Addict (Love Addiction Romance) Tom is a geek who is interested in sleeping with Linda, a love addict. He isn’t the sort of man that Linda would normally sleep with. However, she is desperate for love one day and decides to invite Tom to her home for a few hours of passion. 9. My Cuckolding Cheating Wife (Cuckold Cheating Wife Romance) Frank is happily married to Shelly (or so it seems). He does all he can to make her happy, including satisfying her in bed. One morning after a marathon romantic session (and before he goes to work) Frank overhears his wife talking to her lover on the phone. His wife plans to have fun with her lover in their marital bed while he is at work. 10. A Very Busty Mistress (BBW Fat Office Mistress Romance) Mr Jones Parker is getting ready to leave the office at a few minutes to midnight when his secretary and mistress (Monica) walks in. She is wearing nothing but a see-through nightgown. It is obvious what she wants.
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