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A Family Affair


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€ 2,99
EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9781311637192
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
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DESCRIPTION Linda had always lived the boring life of a dutiful wife—until everything fell apart. Now, she must do the unthinkable to support her family. This loving wife and mother is about to entertain men who love raunchy depraved sex, all for the cheapest price! When this naughty mother catches her son and daughter in a compromising position, will they too join in on the fun and make this a family affair? EXCERPT Lanny asks, “How do we know when we're supposed to, ah, be in action?” Linda says, “The marketing people call me and we decide who's needed and what's needed. Normally, I'll meet with the customers, before we go into action. However, it might turn out that there are some short fuse situations, where we have to just go in and deal with what we find when we get there.” Lanny asks, “Do we all go in or just some of us?” Linda says, “It all depends on what the customer wants.” Lanny then muses, “So, that means that Lisa and maybe Terri might have to go into a scene, all by themselves?” Lisa chimes in, “Daddy, a girl who wants to keep a boyfriend has to date, mostly in the back seat of a car. I can assure you that what a customer wants can't be any worse for a girl than dealing with a teenaged boy in the back seat of a car.” Lanny asks, “Then you had to show yourself in front of a couple of adult males?” Lisa sighs, “Well, you and Larry and Tom have already seen what I got. It didn't really stress me out that two more guys got to see all of Lisa.” Lanny says, “Well, at least you girls will get to be dealing with high class men, rich customers of the company and not some crummy kid.” Lisa again smirks at her father and says, “Well, Daddy, Terri and I and Mom and Tanya for that matter, are going to get some more experience, with whoever.” It's a few days later, when the phone rings and Linda answers. “This is Marketing. We have an assignment for you. We need you to come down to the company, right away.” I ask, “Just to meet the customer, or maybe some action?” The voice says, “Come prepared for action.” It's morning, I'm up and freshly bathed. So I just put on a really low cut blouse and a very short skirt. I then put on a coat and drive down to the company. I go into the Marketing Department. There I meet my first client. My first client is a black man. It's something of a surprise, but what the hell. The customer and I talk for a little bit, then I take the black man into a sort of bedroom, off of the Marketing boss' office. I get ready for the man, making sure that he gets lots of views of me. The black man gets ready. Despite the legends, he is well endowed, but not gigantic. I kick off my shoes and get on the bed. I lie on my back and get myself ready to have my first black man. The black guy says, “Lets just try doggie style.” I roll onto my hands and knees and only then do I experience my first black man.
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