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Trick or Treat


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EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9781370226276
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
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DESCRIPTION: Have you ever thought about the secret fantasies that come true on Halloween night? Spontaneous and thrilling, Claire is a young woman in search of taboo pleasure. Lucky for her, she isn’t the only one! Now the forbidden urges lying dormant in her naughty family are about to surface. With all the mischief in the air, what thrills lie in store in this heated incestuous threesome? EXCERPT: Cody felt awkward being inside his old home now with his mom, whom looked sexy as hell with a witch hat on, a hot looking purple outfit on and drinking wine. She handed him a drink and then winked at him. “Let’s get this Halloween party started, shall we.” Cody nodded and drank what his mom gave him first. That affected his senses a little and made him feel a little horny. Of course watching his hot mom dance provocatively didn’t help matters either. Cody tried to keep from watching his mom sway to the music as he grabbed a beer and drank that and talked with his buddies. He sat on the couch later on and his mom joined him. “Follow me son. I want to talk to you.” Courtney said and then got up from the couch. She took a hold of Cody’s hand and led him out of the party area and up the stairs and into her bedroom. She closed and locked the door and then led Cody to her bed. She pushed him onto the bed and then climbed up on top of him. “What the fuck, mom?” “Just keep calm. Momma’s here now.” “I don’t need your attention anymore mom. I got Claire now, remember?” Courtney felt hurt, but she ignored it as she leaned down and kissed Cody on the mouth. Cody felt shocked as his mom’s pink lip-stick lips touched his. After the shock wore off, Cody felt another kiss and it felt surprisingly hot and amazing as the kissing turned into longer and more passionate kisses. “I can make you forget about our bad past, about your girlfriend and about kicking you out. I am so sorry I did that, I was just mad and I hate that you’re not here. I miss you, my boy. Come back home and be with me.” “I love Claire, mom. I think I should leave now.” Courtney pouted and started to make tears form in her green eyes now. “I can do better than her and give you the best sex you will ever discover. I can give you freedom and pay all your bills. I can love you like no one else can and give you some good tricks and treats.” "Just watch me!" ...... "Fuck!" Cody yelled out as his mom continued to go up and down his hard shaft. Her titties bounced around on his bare chest and he loved the feeling of her round big boobs on his body. He wished he could enjoy them. Courtney sensed something and looked straight into her son's brown, excited, wishful eyes. "Do you want something baby?" "Yes, those titties in my mouth." Courtney smiled sweetly and then moved just enough for Cody to enjoy those big round titties with his tongue and teeth. He nibbled and licked them making his mom scream out in pleasure. "Oh my fucking god, mom!" Cody yelled out in pleasure as he felt his mature mom's pussy on his hard cock. Apparently not being able to control the sexual situation due to the handcuffs made things feel hotter and sexier for Cody as he felt his mom move her fingers down his sides and trail kisses all over his body and she continued to fuck his hard cock. He moaned out loudly as he enjoyed the hot sex from his hot mom. Certainly a good treat for him tonight!
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