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Spanking The Maid: The Complete Trilogy


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€ 5,99
EDITORE Boruma Publishing
EAN 9781370536214
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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All three parts of the 'Spanking the Maid' Trilogy in one spankingly good anthology! In 'Spanking the Maid,' innocent maid Emma finds herself being disciplined by the cruel hand of her employer, Lord Fanshawe. In 'Examining the Maid,' Emma is subjected to a very thorough examination by Lord Fanshawe and Dr. Hardy. In 'Exhibiting the Maid,' Emma is the star of a performance at an exclusive Gentlemen's Club in London. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ The journey took several hours and I amused myself my watching the world go by from the carriage window. I had never been to London, and I watched fascinated as the green English countryside gave way to the teeming streets of the capital. I looked on in awe as this new and unfamiliar urban landscape unveiled itself. I had never seen so many people in my entire life! Before long, we reached our destination. The carriage pulled into an anonymous side street and I disembarked, leaving the other servants behind. Lord Fanshawe was already waiting for me, and he looked me up and down approvingly. “Excellent, Emma. You look just the part. I’m sure you will go down very well with the Gentlemen at the club. Come on, follow me.” I followed his Lordship as he led me down the street, stopping at the door of a grand looking town house. He rapped on the door with his cane, and a smartly dressed butler answered the door. He seemed to recognise Lord Fanshawe and immediately allowed us into the house. He took his Lordship’s coat and cane, and then rang a little bell on the wall. After a few moments another gentleman entered the parlour. He was at least fifty, and sported a fine pair of mutton-chop whiskers. “Ah, Lord Fanshawe! How the devil are you? I hear you’ve brought a little something for us?” His Lordship shook the newcomer’s hand. “Very well, Lord Sutton, very well. Yes, I have indeed. Here she is. Her name is Emma.” Lord Sutton turned a searching gaze on me, looking me up and down with interest. “Mmm, yes, she’s a fine looking filly isn’t she? A fair amount of meat on the bones too.”
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