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Hypno Gorilla


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EDITORE Dark Dreams
EAN 9781370719853
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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Jen and Mark are at the end-of-summer carnival and stop outside a freak-show tent with a gorilla and a girl and a bikini outside. Jen is powerfully drawn into the tent and when the show starts she realizes that she is the star. She is compelled by a voice in her head to remove her clothes in front of the massive crowd, then puts her pussy on display the gorilla, inviting him to cram his massive cock into her. When she allows herself to be double teamed by the gorilla and a magician who seems to be controlling everything the crowd goes wild. Excerpt: I started by pulling my t-shirt off over my head and the crowd went crazy. Next, I took off my bra and threw it down on the ground on top of my t-shirt. I was astounded that I was doing this. I was in front of hundreds of people and I wasn't ashamed of having half of my clothes off. But I was also surprised that my boyfriend wasn't running down out of the audience trying to stop me. I kicked off my shoes and undid my pants, then pulled the rest of my clothes off and put them on the pile. I was now completely naked in front of a massive crowd of people who were clapping and cheering. The magician flourished his wand through the air again and everyone in the audience went completely silent. I could have heard a pin drop inside the tent as I turned toward the gorilla. I looked into his eyes for a moment, then pivoted around so that my back was facing the gorilla, then I bent over and spread my ass cheeks apart with my hand hands, offering myself up to him. The audience went crazy. They cheered and applauded and stomped on the risers as I exposed my pussy and asshole to them. I stood there for what seemed like an hour waiting for what was going to happen next. I knew that the gorilla was directly behind me and I suddenly I felt his fur on my ass. He gripped my hips and I felt something push it’s way into my pussy hole. I screamed out as I felt the force of the initial thrust.
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