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Flesh Of Flesh


Social DRM

€ 2,99
EDITORE Babelcube Inc.
EAN 9781507117583
CATEGORIA Horror e Gotica
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Alceán is a teenager who lives with his mother, shut away in an enormous and sinister mansion that he has never left. The only world he has ever known does a one hundred and eighty degree turn when his Uncle Belial makes an unexpected arrival, and pushes him to transgress every limitation his mother has ever imposed upon him. And this is how Alceán will come to discover the terrible secrets kept by his family for generations, including the truth regarding his own life of seclusion.
About "Flesh of Flesh":
“Flesh of Flesh” unites elements of the Gothic novel with the classic horror narrative (with prominent influence from Edgar Allen Poe) in order to create a decadent and romantic ambience. The old mansion, the sinister atmosphere, the family curse, heated emotions, and hidden eroticism are clear ingredients of this tradition. Nevertheless, the narrative exceeds the canon of the Romantic Gothic novel, to the extent of reaching dark elements of authentic horror in accordance with the contemporary canons, bordering on gore. This entire palette of elements of the horror genre makes “Flesh of Flesh” an attractive feast for lovers of the dark.
Narrated in first person, this long story, or short novel, recounts the childhood and youth of Alceán, its protagonist, in a style that is both archaic and dreamlike, creating the sensation of listening to a memory from illness, a feverish delirium, a sinister hallucination of a tormented being who tells us his visions, so that we may share in his anguish. The poetic and impassioned style of the protagonist narrator does not prevent the story from captivating the reader, advancing relentlessly until revealing its final, terrifying secret. 
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