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My Sue


Social DRM

€ 4,49
EDITORE Babelcube Inc.
EAN 9781547537747
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa Rosa
Dispositivi supportati


A breathtaking romantic novel!
More than 100.000 readers have read this saga.
Because all of us deserve a second chance.
Suzie lives a normal life in a marriage so-called an ordinary one, but the reality is not like it seems to be. Boredom and coldness may establish on the bottom of a woman's heart, setting aside her love dreams, as a forgotten part of her past.  Nicolas Bellpuig is a handsome guy, a millionaire from Catalonia. It is impossible for him to be ignored by any woman. With the exception of Suzie. He can have them all, but he loves only her. He wishes her to the point of doing anything that it takes for conquering her heart.  
Would be  Suzie give up her beliefs in order to live a desperate and unique love adventure?
These stories contained in these novel sagas are romantic pearls which can be read independently from each other.  
My Sue is the first book of the  Infidelities Saga 
Another book of  Contemporary Romance, full of   romance, passion, action and adventure, by Diana Scott  Infidelities Saga Book 1: My Suzie ( Suzanne, Oscar and Nico) Book 2: Because Of You ( Suzzane and Nico) Book 3: Your Heart's Bodyguard (Matías and Azul) Book 4: Passion Games(Lucas and Carmen) Book 5: Sorry, I've Fallen(Carlos and Barby) Book 6: Tied Up With A Feeling (Matías and Azul) Serie Stonebridge Book  I: Hidden Treasure What are we expected to do when secrets must keep hidden but love never stops reminding them? Book II: Our Missing Days Book  III: Until You Arrived
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