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Persuasive Billionaire BWWM Romance Series - Books 1 to 5


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EDITORE Revelry Publishing
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A BWWM Billionaire Romance Series

How can Stacey reconcile her feelings for Charlie while facing the dilemma his employer is putting her through?

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

This complete set contains Books 1 to 5

Book 1 - Love Invested

Stacey is trying to keep a handle on her life the best that she can while barely scraping by working at a restaurant on the verge of closing down. To make matters worse, the apartment complex where she lives is being swept up in an effort to rebuild that section of the city. Changes occur when Stacey meets Charlie. Their connection is undeniable but so is the fact he works for the very company trying to kick Stacey out of her home.

Book 2 - Love Divested

Stacey discovers her world has turned upside down when she finds out that Charlie has a fiancée. Life refuses to work out the way that Stacey wants. After she lands a new job, she finds herself pulled closer and closer to the billionaire Tony. As she struggles with her new feelings and her break-up with Charlie, Stacey must also deal with her grandmother's illness.

Book 3 - Love Reinstated

Stacey is crushed when she sees Charlie with Adele. With her world spinning, she decides that she has to put him behind her and move on with her life. Easier said than done. Just when Stacey thinks things finally might fall into order, tragedy strikes. Stacey finds herself thrown off balance and spirals into a deep depression. Will Stacey be able to pick up her life and reclaim herself in time or will she lose herself forever?

Book 4 - Love Confirmed

Stacey can’t believe the turn of events in her life. After losing her grandmother and running away to Tony’s private island, she was content to stick her head in the sand and forget about her past. But a proposal from Charlie changed everything. With surprises along the way, what kind of wild ride will Stacey find herself taking?

Book 5 - Love Divine

Stacey, having ended up in the hospital due to stress, must make sure she relaxes in order to keep her baby safe. But life is never that easy. As her husband starts his own investment firm, he meets non-stop opposition from his father. Things quickly spiral out of control, leaving Stacey shocked by the turn of events. Will things ever go the way she plans?

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