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The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook


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€ 22,99
EDITORE Etienne Garbugli
EAN 9781777160418
CATEGORIA Economia, finanza e marketing
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No matter how great your product is, it’s very likely that 40–60% of free trials never see your product a second time. This means that you stand to lose up to 60% of your hard-earned signups. Do you just let them go?

Email marketing is one of the highest leverage activities in a SaaS business. It can help:
  • increase onboarding and trial conversions;
  • reduce churn; and
  • grow monthly recurring revenue (MRR).
By introducing a single campaign today, you could significantly increase your conversions, and get the benefits of that increase predictably and repeatedly, week after week. That’s the beauty of automation. It’s also how we created an upsell program at LANDR that was generating up to 42% of weekly subscription conversions. When I joined LANDR, we were only sending 3 automated emails (and only 1 of those was performing). By focusing on sending the right email to the right user at the right time, performance jumped up, with increases in:
  • product onboarding completion;
  • engagement;
  • sales; and
  • upgrades to annual subscriptions.
We made a lot of mistakes along the way (including sending 85,000 emails to the wrong users). It took a lot of trial and error, long hours, and exhaustive internet searches, but the results were obvious. Email was more effective at generating revenue than:
  • Investing in more ads;
  • Building new features hoping they’ll drive engagement;
  • Redesigning at the cost of trial and error.
You can learn SaaS email marketing the way we did (through hard work), or jump to the front of the line.

The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook includes everything I would have loved to know about email before I got started at LANDR:
  • how and when to create new emails or In-App messages to influence your users’ behaviors and purchase decisions;
  • how to double, triple, or quadruple the performance of every single email you send;
  • how to stand out in an increasingly more crowded inbox; and
  • how to create processes and structure to systematically grow the performance of an email marketing program.
The book also includes seven deep dives to help you implement your onboarding, upsell, retention, referral, and behavioral sequences, among others.

You don’t need to be a master copywriter (or have one on your team) to send effective emails. You just need the right processes and knowledge to start growing your business with email.

The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook contains everything you need to plan, build, and optimize your email marketing program.

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The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook was written for businesses with clear signs of Product-Market Fit, that are:
  • selling to consumers or businesses;
  • charging monthly or yearly subscription fees;
  • generating more than $2k MRR; and
  • adding at least 200 email signups per week.
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