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Elusive Billionaire Romance Series - Books 1 to 3


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EDITORE Revelry Publishing
EAN 9781987863345
CATEGORIA Narrativa Rosa
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A BWWM Billionaire Romance Story

Jocelyn has fallen for Hendrick but will she feel the same after she learns of his dark secret?

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

This complete set contains Books 1 to 3

Book 1 - Suspicion

She looked up then, meeting his eyes and it was like a gift.

Billionaire Hendrick has always done things right. He built his multi-billion empire without stepping on other people’s toes. So it’s a surprise to him when he, as owner of the company, is charged with dumping industrial waste in the Arctic Ocean. This is a PR mess so the company sends Hendrick to Africa to do some damage control. Helping build a school and hospital for the impoverished children is exactly in Hendrick’s repertoire. What’s not in it is the habit of falling in bed with the same girl twice.

In Africa, he meets African-American Jocelyn, who is doing volunteer work to give back to the community. Hendrick and Jocelyn immediately develop a liking to each other that quickly turns into a nightly romp. Jocelyn’s volunteer work in Africa is about her guilt for living a good life. What happens when she finds out that Hendrick, while not a stranger to doing missions, is actually indirectly involved in poisoning the ocean?

Book 2 - Love Belated

What had Jocelyn done? Why was she being a fool by falling in love so soon?

Not trusting her feelings, Jocelyn decided to return home and immerse herself in her work. Perhaps if she kept busy and dated other men, she can forget Hendrick.

Things seemed to be going well and a wedding date with her man, Tim, was set. Nothing was going to ruin her day...until a man she was trying to forget shows up the night before the wedding.

Book 3 - Love Amiss

Finally, Jocelyn started her new life with her chosen man. Was it the right decision? At one point or another, she  was in love with either Tim or Hendrick. How could that be?

The birth of her daughter, Jasmine, was supposed to ground and solidfy her marriage. Instead, her partner's jealousy over her past relationship loomed overhead like a dark cloud. 

What can Jocelyn do? Does she find happiness in the end?

Download the complete set to read the entire series.
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