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Running away from a Theocracy


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EAN 9783743136076
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Because of the imposed oil embargo against Iran in 2006, the Mullahs-Regime lost almost sixty per cent of their revenue. However, it did not take too long before they found a sneaky way to sell millions of barrels of oil to many Asian countries.
These buyers were not to pay the price via the respective national banks, but on the spot in cash. This business model was not only an exemption for the government, it was also the best opportunity for some corrupters in key positions to enrich themselves. They manipulated the daily sales documents, and kept the costs for up to two thousand barrels of crude oil for themselves.
In this creepy trade, the chief of the Finance Office of the Oil Ministry was involved. They put him under pressure to cooperate with them and to content himself with a part of the embezzlement amount. For him, this was an immoral and unacceptable situation. He wanted to quit his job as quickly as possible, leave Iran and join his wife, who had fled to Australia because of unacceptable social restrictions.
His goal was, however, inaccessible, because he knew too much and the participants were influential and mighty people. He had to develop a secret escape plan and get rid of this oil mafia.
The novel Running away from a Theocracy is a shattering report from a government that, for several decades, has been carrying out all conceivable crimes under the flag of theocracy, in order to maintain power.
This novel is a subtle mixture of fiction and moving research. A gripping story about current topics. A brilliantly told, rollercoaster ride of emotions.
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