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Acne to a Clear Skin: Saying Goodbye to all Skin Blemishes in 7 Days


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€ 7,49
EDITORE Daniel Elisha
EAN 9784214232198
CATEGORIA Self-help, salute e benessere
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What if you just find out that you have acne?
I hope this book will help anyone reading someone who is struggling to get rid of their acne. If you find that you have had acne lately, don't give up hope, there are potential treatments for this skin condition. When the cause of the acne has been confirmed, the trusted solutions can be used. Anyone with or with acne vulgaris can tell how many times a day their face was cleaned with an antibacterial facial cleanser, and new acne, blemishes, pimples and blackheads still appeared the next day. The same goes for all other commercially available acne creams that kill bacteria and open clogged pores. Another myth that has been picked up over the years is that blackheads and acne are caused by dirt, which is not totally correct.
These can provide temporary relief from acne, but you will never experience blemish-free, acne-free acne vulgaris if you only focus on external acne. The real and root causes of acne are hormonal imbalances, fluid retention, and toxins. Let's talk about hormones. Hormones are chemicals that are produced by the body's glands and circulate in the bloodstream and control many functions of the body, including the production and regulation of sebum (this is the oil in the skin). The hormones that depend on acne are called androgens. This is because androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands (glands in the skin that secrete oil on the surface of the skin).
Anyone who has or has acne vulgaris can tell how many times that day they cleaned their face with antibacterial facial cleanser and had new breakouts the next day. When you have too many androgens in your blood, your sebaceous glands produce too much oil in your skin. You should be aware that apart from causing acne, oil is the number one problem you want to solve. The next part of the problem is toxins in the blood and lymph. If your liver and kidneys are not cleaning the blood properly and are blocked, the liver cannot properly “turn off” and remove depleted hormones from your body. The combination of oil, bacteria and toxins blocks the pores and creates acne. Clogged pores also contain bacteria that thrive in a low oxygen environment. This bacteria worsens the condition of the skin and causes an inflammatory disease called acne vulgaris.
Hormonal imbalance not only causes acne vulgaris, it can be responsible for many other problems including: allergies, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, and insomnia. For most teens, hormonal regularity occurs during puberty, when the body is busy producing hormones for growth, maturation, and reproduction. In adult acne vulgaris, this is mainly due to the inability of the liver and kidneys to remove the overproduction of hormones and toxins from the blood.
Anyone who has or has acne vulgaris can tell you how many times that day they cleaned their face with antibacterial facial cleanser and had new breakouts the next day. To cure your acne vulgaris, you need to be able to balance your hormones by providing your body with essential nutrients which help regulate hormones in the glands and also strengthen the liver which is the second hormone regulation system. You should also use a substance that will start the self-treatment process of your skin. This way, you will prevent further breakouts while treating the root cause of acne.
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