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Madolyn's Deflowering (Jasmin's Tingle No.5) - Librerie.coop

Madolyn's Deflowering (Jasmin's Tingle No.5)


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€ 1,99
EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9786050430738
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa Rosa
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DESCRIPTION When Madolyn loses her innocence, Jasmin is the only barely legal virgin bargirl left in the adult bar. Refusing the advances of the older male patrons, Jasmin is forced to repeatedly endure Josie’s sadistic punishments. Jasmin knows only the kind foreigner Andy can save her. Andy’s desires for Josie might just reveal his sadistic tendencies as well. EXCERPT Morning after morning, Josie would escort Jasmin into the small office, and instruct her with a surprisingly gentle voice to lower her panties to expose her buttocks. Then Jasmin would bend over the chair and place her hands against the wall, and submissively await the bitter lash to fall cruelly upon her naked flesh. Suffering the biting sting of five lashes of the whip, she would cry uncontrollably before being allowed to return to the sanctuary of the ladies dorm. When Andy would visit the bar, Melissa and Beverly would appeal to him to help Jasmin in her predicament, so she might be freed from her obligations to the bar and retain her precious virginity. But since Jasmin was so young, Andy was naturally reluctant to help her, afraid of being entangled with an underage girl. But despite his visible reluctance, he did begin to show some degree of concern for Jasmin’s circumstance, and expressed to Melissa and Beverly that he should do something to help her. This was encouraging to Jasmin, and instilled her with new resolve to continue suffering under Josie’s lash in lieu of sacrificing her virginity. Now each morning, Josie awakened Jasmin at the usual time and escorted her to the office to administer her routine punishment. But Jasmin began suffer through the pain with a sense of purpose. She suffered it for her love of Andy, and the hope, however faint, that she, along with her precious virginity, might be saved by him. “I really hate doing this to you, Jaz,” Josie told her with genuine sympathy. “You’re such a nice girl, and I feel so close to you. I feel like I’m whipping my own sister.” “Do what you must do,” Jasmin told her in reply as she stood almost naked in a bra and panties. “I have to take it.” “Why don’t you just give up your virginity?” Josie exclaimed. “Why do you make me do this to you?” “The suffering I bear is the measure of how precious my virginity is.” Jasmin said with resolutely. “I’ve protected my virginity this long already. I’m not going to give it away to just anyone. My virginity is the only thing I have. My virginity is for my husband.” “You read too many pocket-books,” Josie said. “You think life is a fairy-tale.” “If he’s such a big deal, why don’t you fuck him?” Jasmin replied with a fiery tone. “I’m not a virgin,” Josie confessed. “It’s not my job to fuck the customers. It’s your job.” “It’s my body,” Josie continued.” “Yes, exactly,” Josie said. “It’s your body that the customers want to fuck. And you need to give it to them.”
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