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Broken Chasity: Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Book 3 - Librerie.coop

Broken Chasity: Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Book 3


Social DRM

€ 4,99
EDITORE Bridget Taylor
EAN 9786050449907
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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This is book three of Bridget Taylor's Alpha Billionaire Series.

We suggest you get the entire boxed set (Books 1-5). 

You can get it as a bundle. It will save you money instead of getting each single.The books as written as part of a series. Get the boxed set to enjoy the entire series at a discount.  

You can get the boxed set from your favorite online retailer. Just search for ”Broken Innocence: Alpha Billionaire Boxed Set” (by Bridget Taylor) and you will find the boxed set. 

Book three of Bridget Taylor's Alpha Billionaire Series!

Broken Innocence will take you to the powerful world (full of BDSM fantasies) of Henry Lennox where he takes away the innocence of the cute Stacey.

Mistress Aevia has made her intentions quite clear. Convinced that Stacy is not a “true submissive” and is merely a pretender, another person waiting to break Henry’s heart, she has promised to show Henry Stacy’s true colors. Stacy has no idea how to fight back against someone – the Mistress who trained Henry to be a Dominant – who has such a strong influence on Henry’s life. Meanwhile, she is still uncertain about the relationship she has with a man she knows she is falling in love with. Is she merely Henry’s submissive, or is there something deeper?

What about Michael Cavanaugh, and the feelings she cannot deny for him?

Broken Innocence is an erotica romance intended for mature audiences.

This is Book 3 of the Alpha Billionaire Series.
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