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Edith Wharton: The Complete Collection


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EDITORE Edith Wharton
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This ebook contains the complete works of Edith Wharton: 22 novels and novellas, 11 story collections with 85 stories, 2 collections of poetry, and 9 non-fiction books. The collection is sorted chronologically by literary genres. There are the usual inline tables of contents and links after each text/chapter to get back to the respective tables. An alphabetical index of stories is also provided. Dates of first publication can be found at the end of the stories. Contents: NOVELS. Fast and Loose. The Touchstone. The Valley of Decision. Sanctuary. The House of Mirth. Madame de Treymes. Fruit of the Tree. Ethan Frome. The Reef. The Custom of the Country. Summer. The Marne. The Age of Innocence. The Glimpses of the Moon. A Son at the Front. Old New York. The Mother’s Recompense. Twilight Sleep. The Children. Hudson River Bracketed. The Gods Arrive. The Buccaneers. STORIES. The Greater Inclination: The Muse's Tragedy, A Journey, The Pelican, Souls Belated, A Coward, The Twilight of the God, A Cup of Cold Water, The Portrait Crucial Instances: The Duchess at Prayer, The Angel at the Grave, The Recovery, “Copy”: A Dialogue, The Rembrandt, The Moving Finger, The Confessional The Descent of Man, and Other Stories: The Descent of Man, The Other Two, Expiation, The Lady’s Maid’s Bell, The Mission of Jane, The Reckoning, The Letter, The Dilettante, The Quicksand, A Venetian Night’s Entertainment The Hermit and the Wild Woman, and Other Stories: The Hermit and the Wild Woman, The Last Asset, In Trust, The Pretext, The Verdict, The Pot-Boiler, The Best Man Tales of Men and Ghosts: The Bolted Door, His Father’s Son, The Daunt Diana, The Debt, Full Circle, The Legend, The Eyes, The Blond Beast, Afterward, The Letters Xingu, and Other Stories: Xingu, The Choice, Coming Home, The Triumph of Night, Kerfol, Autres Temps ..., The Long Run, Bunner Sisters Here and Beyond: Miss Mary Pask, The Young Gentlemen, Bewitched, The Seed of the Faith, The Temperate Zone, Velvet Ear-Pads Certain People: Atrophy, A Bottle of Perrier, After Holbein, Dieu d’amour, The Refugees, Mr. Jones Human Nature: Her Son, The Day of the Funeral, A Glimpse, Joy in the House, Diagnosis The World Over: Charm Incorporated, Pomegranate Seed, Confession, Roman Fever, The Looking Glass, Duration 11 Uncollected Stories: Mrs. Manstey's View, The Fulness of Life, The Lamp of Psyche, That Good May Come, The Valley of Childish Things, and Other Emblems, April Showers, The Line of Least Resistance, The House of the Dead Hand, The Introducers, Les Metteurs en Scene, Writing a War Story, All Souls POEMS. Artemis to Actæon, and Other Verse. 32 Uncollected Poems. NON-FICTION. The Decoration of Houses. Italian Villas and Their Gardens. Italian Backgrounds. A Motor-Flight through France. Fighting France from Dunkerque to Belport French Ways and Their Meaning. In Morocco. The Writing of Fiction. A Backward Glance.
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