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Business As Unusual


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EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9786050476323
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
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DESCRIPTION Monica’s always been a daddy’s girl, and she has the perfect idea for daddy’s failing company. Offering hot passionate nights for their horny clients, daddy and daughter soon experiment together! Daddy’s girl turns out to be quite insatiable and a steady stream of kinky clients is just what she needs to fill her nights with incestuous sex, interracial breeding, and even lesbian experimentation! EXCERPT Monica closes the door to her Daddy's office and stops to talk to Naomi, a sexy looking black woman sitting at a secretarial desk. “Well, Naomi, we're scheduled for a date tonight. The date is with two very important black studs. Are you ready?” “I'll be ready tonight, boss lady. Ummm, are you sure you really want to do this?” “Naomi, I have to do it, if we're going to stay in business. This won't be the first time I have had black cock and it won't be the last. Some black dudes just gotta try a little white pussy, preferably blonde pussy, to see if they can change their luck. Well, one black dude gonna get lucky in love tonight!” Naomi asks, “You gonna come by and pick me up?” Monica giggles, “Kevin got a Mercedes rental car and we'll be by to pick you up. Kevin got to keep both hands on the wheel. I'll be in the back seat, with Ralph. While you lounge in the front seat, I'm gonna be in the middle of a hands on encounter.” * * * Monica and Naomi are both dressed in very short, very revealing evening dresses. Monica stage whispers to Naomi, “Well Naomi, Ralph is now sure that I'm a girl! By the way, stud, that's not really smooth pantyhose, that's what a shaved girl feels like. And, while you can't tell, since I'm shaved, I'm really a blonde! Shall we all go back to the motel before stud horse tips the table over with that lump in his pants?” Naomi stage whispers back, “Don't worry none about Kevin tippin' the table over, I got my hand on it!” Naomi then turns to Kevin, “You wanna go to where you can see what you feelin' big boy?” Ralph calls for the bill, pays it and both couples get up to leave. * * * Kevin drives them to the motel, where Daddy's company has a suite rented. The four get out and go into the rooms. Ralph is all over Monica. Monica leads him into a bedroom and then pushes Ralph away, saying, “First you get to look and then we get to the action.” Monica then flips up the front of her very short dress to reveal that she indeed isn't wearing panties. She then teases off her dress, taking her time and using a lot of tease.
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