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The Initiation


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EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9786050484359
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
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DESCRIPTION Her hot brother is home from the war. He's gotten dark and very seductive. When he decides to join a motorcycle club, Jenny finds herself part of the initiation. EXCERPT My brother, Joe, came back from the war in the Middle East changed. He got wounded in combat and after he spent time in the hospital, they gave him a medical discharge that came with a monthly disability check. He said he didn’t care, but I could see he’d come back a lot darker than when he left. Truth was I found the new Joe kind of sexy and a lot more interesting than the boy who went off to war. More dangerous, I guess. When he didn’t think I was paying attention, I saw he looked at me different then too. The way he looked at me made me feel grown up and rather sexy. I’d just turned 18 and found life pretty banal. For a lack of anything better to do, I signed up for the local college. It was in a town just a little too far from home for me to commute, and when I told him what I was doing, Joe surprised me by offering to share an apartment that was near my school. “I can live anywhere,” he said. “Why not share a place. I can’t live at home with the folks anymore.” I knew he meant he couldn’t bring girls home. He sure attracted them and I could expect him to have girls over if we shared a place. Other than having a place to shag girls, Joe was trying to figure out what he wanted from life. He’d always been a good mechanic, and he started hanging out with bikers. That was changing him too. I could sense he was being drawn into even darker places, even if I didn’t know what they were. But there was the way he looked at me. I often sat around in panties and a tee shirt, like when we watched television. I’d always done that. Then I saw that when I got close to him, the bulge in his crotch would grow and after a while he’d leave the room. Right from the beginning he brought lots of girls to the apartment. I could hear them fucking in his bedroom sometimes and one time I got to watch. That time he thought I’d gone home for the weekend and he brought a leggy brunette home. I heard them come in. Later, I came out of my room to find he’d left his door wide open. I could stand in a shadow in the hall and have a nice view. The first thing I saw was him standing in the doorway naked and rock hard. He was better hung that I’d thought. I’d seen him naked, but aroused, he was really big. She thought so too, that bitch. As I stood in the shadows and watched, he rubbed her ass. “I want to fuck your ass. “You’re too big,” she said. “I’ll make it fit,” he told her.
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