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Secrets of Successful Herb Gardening


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Is it the influence of the "Green Movement?" Or is it the growing concern
over the economy? Or perhaps I's just the love of herbs have finally gotten
hold of enough people to create the interest in herb gardening we see
Whatever reason brings you to desire -- or even consider -- growing your own
herbs . . . your health . . . your culinary tastes . . . just plain beauty. ..
You're about to enter a wonderfully enchanting view of life, where everyday
when you wake up and walk on your deck, terrace or backyard, you'll be
touched by visual beauty and fragrance vitality.
You'll now have the opportunity to create culinary masterpieces . . .improve
your health and that of your family . . . or just enrich your life.
The good news is that herbs are easy to grow. If you provide them with the
conditions that they like, most of them actually take the least amount of care in
your garden.
And if you're a beginning gardener then herbs are must-grow items because of
that fact alone. Including herbs will give you the confidence you need to go on
to more difficult plants.
If, on the other hand, you're an experienced gardener, then no doubt you'll
appreciate these amazing plants for that very same reason. Once you have
established your garden, it takes little effort on your part to get it to look
absolutely spectacular and keep it that way (But of course, I encourage you to
take all the credit your guests would like to toss your way!)
Of course, it goes without saying that you can just add dabs of colors and
textures to an otherwise dreary patch of your flower garden. Many gardeners
use herbs to separate flowers whose colors may clash or place them where no
flower would succeed in growing.
If you've got a damp, shady spot in your garden where nothing else grows, try
an herb. As you delve deeper into this hobby, you'll learn how easy . . . and
common this can be.
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