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Mind Controlled By The Werewolf


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€ 3,99
EDITORE Amber FoxxFire
EAN 9788822810410
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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Monica wanted to keep her virginity, but her boyfriend, Mike - a werewolf - wanted her. Using a special mind-control technique he learned from his father, Mike coerced her into trusting him completely.

Once she was completely under his iron-fist, Monica was helpless to resist and found herself doing everything the werewolf commanded of her.


His eyes were so compelling, but she resisted, she must or he'd be lost. She couldn't fail in this.

"Keep looking into my eyes and relax." His voice was so compelling she felt her will fading.

"We're almost there..." he voice was so soothing that she felt herself drawn to the sound of his soft voice.

Her will soon faded and she stood there waiting for his command. He looked at her eyes that were closed as she went deeper into a trance-like state.

He snapped his fingers, knowing that she was under his complete control. Good!

"Who is your master?" He smiled, knowing that she was his slave, through his mind control.

"You are, master..." She giggled as if the fact should be obvious to him.

"Strip for me." he ordered her, feeling his cock rise in his pants.

"Oh you want me to strip, do you?" She laughed as she started to dance.

She teased him by bending over and giving him a glance at her breasts. Monica swayed as she danced in a circle for her master.

One by one her clothes floated to the floor, leaving nothing on her but a bra and her lacy panties.

She's so hot. Oh she's going to be a wild one to fuck! Mike rubbed his hands together as he felt his dick grow in his pants.
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