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The 7 Elements and Man


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EDITORE Editorial Zadkiel
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CATEGORIA Corpo, mente e spirito
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After her first book, The Initiatory Path to Cosmic Heart, Debora Colagreco surprises us again with this book in which, through a dreamlike journey experienced by the same author, we are in a dream within a dream until reaching  the real world (if it really is). In this work, Colagreco interacts, through imaginary dialogues with great minds such as Pythagoras, Einstein, Prometheus, Jung, Steiner etc., together with people close to her that are no longer alive. The real characters are the seven Archetypal Elements, which send important messages on what the human being needs in order to elevate its conscience. From Quantum Physics to Shamanism, from Philosophy to Psychology, the topics leave the reader with a great lesson that connect to his heart.
The book contains evocative images. You can accompany reading by listening to 22 unreleased music themes composed by Fabrice Quagliotti, Marcelo Garcia, Edgar Cavallera and Andrea Pagani. Voice, Graciela Mendoza. The CD or individual tracks can be bought on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google play.

Debora Colagreco was born in Rome in August 1963. Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the LUMSA University in Rome. As a teenager, she studied music (guitar) and shows great love for art, nature and spirituality. She increases the study of philosophy, psychology, psychophysiology, music therapy, theology and metaphysics. She speaks and writes perfectly four languages.
For business, she travels around the world. She alternates her life between Rome and Paris until, in 2008, she moves to Uruguay and, in 2011, she founds the publishing house Zadkiel.
In the year 2017, together with her cousin, Francesca Romana Pistoia (journalist and writer), they decided to establish the Foundation Zadkiel Onlus.
She currently lives in Rome and continues to travel around the world.
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