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Coming Onto Mom (Outrageous Annotated Edition)


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€ 4,49
EDITORE Kathy Andrews
EAN 9788822845863
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
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This naughty mother intends to kick start her son’s sex drive! When Joan is informed her young man isn’t sexually developing she knows what to do. The solution might lead to a forbidden love affair but taboo sex is exactly what the doctor ordered. Now, this mother and son can’t help but enjoy the perverted family therapy. Will their unlocked passion be enough to ignite an immoral relationship?

Why wasn't Billy after her, try to feel her up?

What Joan didn't know was that her son wanted to do just that. He had sensed his mother's shame, and didn't want to embarrass her again. Therefore he kept his distance, but at night he would remember fucking her, playing with his cock, jacking off as he recalled the doctor sucking him, how it felt to have his cock inside his mother's cunt.

He was doing that now.

Sprawled on his bed, the sheets kicked to the foot, he lay on his back, jacking on his cock, eyes closed as he remembered the wet heat of his mother's cunt. His light was on, bathing his naked body softly.

Joan had bathed and prepared for bed, her cunt demanding more than her fingers. Her mind burned with the memory of her son's cock in her cunt, and her fingers were a poor substitute when Billy was right there in his own bed. She pulled her gown over her head, lifting a knee to the bed. She paused, feeling her cunt twitch. She rubbed her hand through the thick pussy hair and cupped her cunt. She rubbed at her cunt, moving her ass slowly.

Without wondering, trying to blot it from her mind, she pretended she was someone else, not Billy's mother. She moved toward the door. The gown clung to her hips, falling just beneath the curve of her ass, her long legs glowing, tits revealed through the filmy garment. She entered the hall and turned toward her son's room.

Trying to keep the thought that she was his mother out of her mind, she shoved his door open, silently. Billy lay on his bed, pulling at his cock. She smiled to herself as she gazed at his cock and balls.

“Billy?” she whispered.
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