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Mother Mind Control 1: I Couldn't Believe Mom Let Me Do That!


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EDITORE Amber FoxxFire
EAN 9788826488516
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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This is a two-part story bundled together and discounted for your convenience.

Mom had no idea she was being controlled! It was the perfect potion! Once I’d established that she was completely under my power, I took her down to the super-market where I made her perform filthy, dirty acts in front of a large crowd.

But I didn’t stop with mom! With one sniff of my potion, 18-year-old virgin Brenda and her sexy mother were mine for the taking. Add in some security guards, mom’s bishop and you have yourself a VERY hot story.


Mom giggled on the car ride, wondering where I was taking her. She kept trying to guess. A fancy steakhouse, the theater, maybe a dance-club. She'd never guess the real location.

"The supermarket!" She cried out.

I smiled. "Yes, we're going to get some groceries..."

In her fancy dress and high heels, mom and I shopped the grocery store, getting our normal food. Mom didn't say anything, but I could tell she was perplexed at why she had to dress up for this.

I'd also picked the busiest time. For a reason.

When we got in the long line, I whispered to mom, "you're extremely, uncontrollably horny. Now act it."

She moaned loudly, drawing the attention of all the shoppers in the vicinity.

"Kiss me," I whispered. "Rub your body against mine. Don't mind the onlookers. Pretend it's just you and me and no one else."

I couldn't believe I was actually living out one of my fantasies
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