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Sister Mind Control 1: My Sister Obeyed My Every Command


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EDITORE Amber FoxxFire
EAN 9788826496283
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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A trip to Mexico.

A backroom deal.

A Mind control potion.

A very hot, red-haired, large-breasted, easily manipulated, 18-year-old sister.

A sex slave for life!

Aye Carumba!


Ah, Mexico! Known for lot's of things, there's something else it's known for - in the right circles, that is.

Mind control drugs.

Vacationing across the southern border was an experience I'll never forget. Mainly because of a black market vendor I ran across in a shady dive bar. The guy took me and a lady of my choice back in the back room and demonstrated the potion for me.

The lady I chose?

None other than my sister, Melissa. She was an 18-year-old bombshell. She was everything I was not. Had good grades, perfect manners, great looks and was the favored child. She also had tits so big that the nips could poke your eyes out.

The shady guy was kind enough to give me exactly one gram of the potent potion. Just enough to show me its powers.

I wanted everything sis had - including her body. And I was willing to pay any amount to get it. Once I'd satisfied myself with the outcome, I bought enough powder to last a year. Yeah, my allowance was spent, but that was just fine.

Once we got back to the states, I set my plan in motion. I bribed the help to let me make her breakfast every morning. To her eggs, I'd add a sprinkle or two of the mind control drug. It built up in her system over time and after a week, I was ready to put my next plan into action.

"Hey, sis," I texted her during class. "After you read this message, delete it. You're starting to feel a bit frisky. It's getting too hot in the classroom and you just want to bare your breasts to everyone. Do it!"

I clicked send with sweaty palms and waited. Sure enough, dad got a call - that I intercepted - about her behavior in her college class. Several of them had to restrain her and force her to put her shirt back on.

I listened and told them I'd pick her up in a few minutes.

Rolling up in my Ferrari, sis looked bewildered as she slipped in. Her face was red, her mascara was running and she looked a right mess.
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