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The Christian Wife Shared by Hubby


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EDITORE Deborah Cockram
EAN 9788827572139
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
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Melissa is absolutely thrilled that her husband has taken her to a weekend marriage conference, a religious gathering that promises to rejuvenate their marriage, re-ignite that sexual spark that often fades over the years.

Throughout their 15 years together she's tried to be a good, dutiful wife, but the two of them have grown apart, not only in their life goals and hopes, but in their bedroom practices and desires. The one thing that has held them together is their religious belief, and among those long-held tenants is that wives should be submissive to their husbands, obeying them in all things. Melissa's had a little trouble with that over the years, particularly as Tommy's desires have grown a little darker, a little kinkier.

So they attend the conference, led by a famous TV preacher and counselor, and soon Melissa discovers the conference puts particular emphasis on a wife's duty to be submissive to her husband, to obey him in ALL things, even if that means submitting when hubby decides to share his precious, pure little wife. Soon, Melissa finds herself caught up in the hottest, steamiest, and most wicked little foursomes she's ever imagined –  first with Tommy and two strange women she's never seen before, then later when Tommy demands her absolute surrender as he invites strange men into their bed -- all while she's bound and helpless, at their total mercy.
Melissa struggles with confusion – she believes the preacher when he says submit to her husband in ALL things, yet she doesn’t see how giving herself over to these strangers can be right, cannot plunge her into a life of sin. In the throes of the hottest, most passionate trysts she's ever known, Melissa forgets her concerns, letting her theological misgivings fade as the lustful pleasures of the flesh take center stage, the strongest, most agonizing desires suddenly coursing through her body.

Afterward Melissa can't reconcile her guilt and belief with the desires and sensual cravings that have been awakened inside her, so she meets with the minister, the nationally known Pastor Joel, only to find herself in the most shocking, scandalous encounter yet…

Will Melissa find a way to give herself over to the pastor, to her more carnal desires, learn to truly be submissive? What will that do to her long-held beliefs, and will their marriage strengthen, or will the weekend's actions doom them to go their separate ways?
The scintillating, shocking answers are just a click away…
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