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€ 2,99
EDITORE Spiral Publishing, Ltd.
EAN 9788828347125
CATEGORIA Letteratura
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Angela Garcia builds websites to help make other people’s dreams come true. 
Now one of her childhood dreams waits, ready to come to life.
Sometimes procrastination feels like the safest choice. 
And sometimes your intentions make all the difference.

Welcome to Intentions!
Intentions brings all the flexibility and customization you've ever wanted to your website and your life, and even more than you’ve imagined. 
Our easy-to-configure plugin lets you design and implement anything you can dream up. 
Not even the sky is the limit!

An excerpt from Intentions:
Angela Garcia breathed in the rich cinnamon and ginger aroma of her third cup of coffee as she watched her wife sip from a huge mug of Earl Gray tea. Bright morning sunlight streamed through the wavy paneled glass of the breakfast nook windows, filtered by huge oak trees older than Angela and Julie put together. 
She’d grown up in this neighborhood full of hundred-year-old houses, a precious bit of peace right on the edge of busy Atlanta, but Angela was still delighted to wake up here every single day. Giving up their expensive, modern downtown apartment to move back into her childhood home had changed their lives in more ways than she could count.
This cheerful bright yellow room, the sleek kitchen beside them, and the entire house basked in the love and attention the two of them had lavished on everything over the past six months. Their silky calico cat Lorrie purred her approval from her tiny window seat in the sun. 
With Julie leading the way and Angela’s enthusiastic participation, the outdated and gaudy late-Eighties décor had given way to calm earth tones, wood, and stone.
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