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Bianca's Bugaboo


Adobe DRM

€ 2,99
EDITORE Lady Devreux
EAN 9788829578535
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
Dispositivi supportati


Bianca has always been close to her son. Maybe she has been too close- maybe that is why at 24 he still lives at home. She suspects he is gay, but when she discovers his collection of bi and incest erotica, she knows the real reason. The question is, will Bianca make his thoughts a reality?
“Look, Charles, I have to confess,” I said, “I read some of the stories on your computer the other day- now, nobody is going to make you do anything that you don’t want to do, but I know that you are at least curious.”
“I’m not gay!” Charles blurted, his face turning red, “I can’t believe you think that I am gay!”
“I’m not gay either,” Ron said, apparently not noticing that Charles had called me his mother, “So you don’t have to do anything with me- this is her fantasy, she said she wants to try two men!”
As expertly as a professional athlete, Ron’s words saved the game- he nodded ever so slightly as he spoke them, and the ball was passed back to me.
“Charles, it is my fantasy to have two men,” I said, “Now, do you want to deny me that fantasy?”
“No, I,” Charles said.
Ron stepped forward, standing immediately to the side of Charles, presenting his swollen cock for my inspection. Before my son could bolt from the room, my hand quickly grabbed hold of his super thick shaft, and I took him into my mouth.
As I sucked Ron, feeling the way that he contrasted from Charles- not as long, but much thicker, with a taste that seemed almost woody by comparison- my eyes were on my son. Charles did not move away from the scene before him, he did not even step back. He watched intently as I proceeded to give head to this hard stranger, and I knew then that it was up to me to get him to break this line of taboo. Just as I had to give him the gentle push that resulted in my mouth being on his cock, and his lips on my pussy, I was going to have to bring Charles into the world of bisexuality!
I began to move my lips up and down the hard shaft of Ron, as my left hand grabbed hold of it’s base, and my right hand grabbed the palm of my son. My fingers interlocked with his, keeping him from retreating, as I slowly pleasured this new dick that was in between both of us. I did not want Ron to cum, though considering he was probably as sexually experienced as I am, I doubted he was going to lose control of his seed and erupt. With each motion of my mouth, I slowly moved Ron’s cock closer to the side of my son’s naked body- and my hand slowly moved my son’s hand towards Ron’s cock.
“Damn, she sucks a good dick,” Ron said, helping this along, “Doesn’t she?”
“Yes,” I heard Charles say- despite his protests, he could not seem to stop staring at the way I was pleasuring Ron, “Yes, she does!”
“Look at how she plays with it,” Ron said, “See?”
With that, I almost removed my head completely from the shaft, only to double down and swallow it all the way to the base. Due to it’s thickness, I almost choked and gagged, but the result on my son was what I was going for. He was getting more comfortable with the fact that I was sucking another man’s cock right next to him- if he was as straight as he claimed he was, he would be trying to move back some at least, but he was not fighting me as I moved his hand closer to Ron’s hardness.
“You are longer,” Ron remarked, “But I am thicker- see?”
When he said that, I “let” his dick fall from my lips, the saliva soaked head shining in the light of the bedroom- and I grabbed my son’s palm, and moved his hand to Ron’s cock!
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