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Raped By The Rooster


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EDITORE Amber FoxxFire
EAN 9788829593880
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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Stepping on to a new planet, Ava didn’t realize that she was stepping into an ancient beast’s lair. That the beast looked suspiciously like a rooster from her home world did not escape her.

But something about the magnificent, multi-colored beast called her. It was a siren she could not resist.

Once the animal had her locked within his sight, she lost all control. She was his to do as he commanded.


Ava stepped outside her spaceship, gazing in awe at the wondrous foreign landscape. Strange rock formations and giant trees formed a vast forest, running for miles. Ava surveyed the woods with her scanner, gathering information about this mysterious planet.

Ava removed her helmet. It was a rare treat to breathe the pristine air. The many worlds she'd explored had no breathable oxygen and it felt good to inhale it into her lungs.

A gentle warm breeze caressed her face as the orange sun warmed the planet.

Weird sounds echoed through the crisp purple sky. Glancing around, she attempted to locate where the noise came from.

A small creature which looked like a kangaroo mixed with a deer and duck hopped up a rocky slope and disappeared over the ridge.

Ava scanned it and smiled before walking up the slope. She cataloged the many plants, rocks and flying creatures that soared in the sky before continuing on her with exploration.

What was that? Ava halted in mid-stride when she heard the creature's cry again.

A rooster combined with a peacock, maybe? Ava guessed as she continued toward the sound. Something compelled her on. She couldn't quite place her finger on what that something was.

Emerging from the forest into a clearing, Ava halted. She looked over the meadow when she saw a large bird strutting around in a circle.

She gasped at the sight of such a large, colorful bird. Ava stood, transfixed, gazing at his prismatic plumage.

His comb and wattle were purple and his ruff was turquoise that caught the glint of the sun, making it sparkle like a rainbow. His chest was a royal blue and wings were blue black. His rainbow tail was red, gold, purple and blue and held high as he walked toward her.

His amber eyes observed her with keen, striking intelligence as he tilted his head. He approached closer as he studied her. She was transfixed by this big cock as he moved closer.

Looking into his eyes, Ava felt something. She could not - for the life of her - tear her gaze away from this mysterious animal. Thoughts and visions raced through her mind, unabated. She found her will melting in the face of this dominant, powerful, ancient creature.
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